Saturday, September 11, 2010

Woltmon Reunion

Recently the Woltmon's had their 2nd family reunion. Last year Aunt Tammi was in charge and we had a potato derby races. They were nice enough to invite me to it and it was super fun! Many who know me well know that I was born a Woltmon and my mom divorced and re-married when I was real young so my Dad adopted me from my biological Dad, Todd so my maiden name is Stephenson. Growing up, Todd's parents kept in contact and I spent some time with my aunts, uncles and cousins from the Woltmon side but never met my Dad until after I was engaged. I have hung out with Todd a handful of times and enjoy seeing my grandparents and cousins so I was excited that they would be gathering together again this year.

Carson and Emily

My cousin Ashlee and her newborn Jaxson (who was 2 months early!) came all the way form L.A., I wish they lived closer!

My Grandpa Tom has Parkinson's and for awhile we thought he wouldn't make it and although he is deteriorating we are glad he's still around. He is the nicest guy, I love him!

This year Tammi (she sure had her hands full!) did a tribute her her mom Geannette who passed away when I was born. I didn't really know much about her so I enjoyed the stories and memories that her kids shared with us.

Some of the guys. Can tell who Carson gets his trademark ears from?

Some of the girls

This hand balance trick is a Morgan tradition so we were excited that Cait cooperated. The first time we had Carson do it, here he was 8 months old.

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