Saturday, September 18, 2010

He's Back!

Reunited and it feels so good! The week that Carson was in Florida having the time of his life; swimming, seeing plays, eating at cool places, riding the rides he was tall enough (or brave enough too), meeting Mickey, Goofy, the Incredibles, and too many Princesses to name went by fast partly because we were crazy busy at home. We were excited to have him back because things just weren't the same without him!

He knew that neither Andrew nor I had been to Florida so he kept saying, "I'm the first one!"

He was surprised to discover that the airplane had a bathroom and made a point to loudly tell everyone on the plane as he made his way back to entertainment

A couple times he while gone he would get sad and say, "I want my mommy" then they would explain that I wanted to go but had school to which he replied, "then I want my daddy!"

He hasn't talked much about the rides but he did like the bumper cars

I think his favorite things was not what he did in Disney World but what he brought home; he got to choose whatever he wanted. Initially he chose a huge sword but had to put it back because it wouldn't travel well so instead he found a gun and a telescope...he's such a typical boy! He keeps going around saying, "thank you Uncle Rick."

See demo below...not sure why when you upload the quality deteriorates-oh, well.

I missed my boy and am so glad he's back!

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