Friday, September 10, 2010

Solo Adventure

Carson left Lincoln headed for the Sunshine State and Disney WORLD! We didn't want him to go without us but being as I started school a semester earlier than anticipated, I am tied down. Andrew debated going without me but then he reconsidered when he realized he would have both kids.

We didn't want Carson to miss out on what we're calling "the 2nd cousin retreat" so we bought him a plane ticket and decided to let him have his first solo adventure...take off!

He was super excited to be able to spend a whole week with Zoie and Ava. We even found a book about Florida and flying at the library yesterday before he left.

He's on a plane, the house is quiet. It's weird having just Caitlin. I miss him already and know that he is going to have the time of his life--without us.

P.S. I just love Lincoln! These pictures were taken on the ridge behind our house where I run on the trails...I think it's beautiful!

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