Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend

We had an eventful weekend. All of Andrew's Dad's side of the family was in town to celebrate Grandpa Bob's 80th Birthday. Pictured above is Andrew's Dad Chris, with his immediate family. His Grandparents are amazing! They are so sharp and on their game. They do crossword puzzles daily, golf and even go on annual ski trips with friends. If I am half as "with it" when I am 80 I'll be a happy girl.
Andrew's Grandpa Bob has a picture of him and all of his boys balancing on his hand, like the picture above. So we were excited that Andrew was able to do it with Carson to keep the tradition running.
As Easter was approaching I had no idea what I was going to put in Carson's Easter basket. I finally decided to get him an Easter outfit, a pair of maracas because he likes music so much, and a sand sifter for the beach. Easter morning Carson got to see his Easter basket and he love the maracas and got good use out of the sand sifter(see next post). Holidays are so much more fun with him around!


Chris and Lisa said...

Sorry i couldn't talk to you more earlier - maybe someday when the kids are in bed!! Such cute pictures of Carson - i LOVE the one of Andrew balancing him, that is just so perfect and what a fun tradition.

AshbyFamily said...

cute easter outfit!

The Atwaters said...

Carson's face has changed a lot it seems. Very cute pictures of Easter and the beach :)