Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reality Check

With around three weeks to go until Caitlin's expected arrival I was feeling that I had things are pretty much under control...that was until today!

With the house in order, baby clothes washed, folded and neatly put away and after three stress tests (2 non-stress and 1 contraction stress test); my hospital bag is packed-just in case- I was feeling pretty good about my ability to handle things. I should not have been so proud of myself because that's when things tend to get crazy, right. Carson was a handful this afternoon giving new meaning to terrible two's. I am hoping that it was a one time event because his screaming at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason for 30 minutes or more really made me sad.

With that said, I want to take this time to give a Carson update and list all the things that I am grateful for just in case I forget when I am a frumpy, haggard, sleep deprived mother of two...or just a tired, pregnant mother of one.

Random picture of Carson and Uncle "E" (Ian) watching a movie

Carson is 2 1/2 and seems to be growing like a weed as manifested by his church pants effortlessly showing off his socks-we retired them but sorry you looked like a dork at church little c.

In sacrament meeting at church this past week he kept telling us that he wanted to "run around" complete with a convincing look in his eye and chicken dance like moves; at least he is honest right?!

He also has a a habit of wiping his face and or hands off in between each bite of food and wanting to wash his hands all of the time even when there is no visible sign of dirt or grime to the naked eye. This little quirk drives Andrew and I crazy but we agree that it could be worse so we try not to draw attention to it but we realize that it's a little OCD...maybe it's genetic because my mom often tells this story of me when I was a kid and we were at the park playing and I started to cry hysterically. She was frantic thinking that I was hurt and after she inspected me and asked what was wrong, I desperate replied, "I have sand on my hands!"

I would say that he is officially potty trained (thank goodness!). He has been wearing "undy-wares" for a month now and although he wears a diaper to bed in the morning more often than not it is dry and he has to pee like a race horse! He has done great!

He can count to 15 and we are trying to learn our colors, a process that is taking some time but I have heard colors are hard to remember. So far he has pink, green, white, black, brown, and orange down but whenever we are "quizzing" him on all of his colors he says everything is white while laughing, he is basically mocking us.

In preparation for his baby sisters arrival I bought him his own baby doll on Monday...was that really just yesterday?! He loves holding her and has taken her everywhere, even to bed last night. She has a bottle and softly cries for about 10 seconds when you feed her and then take the bottle away. His response to this is "uh-oh, baby's crying" My reply was "babies like to cry"...get used to it. He was feeding and burping his doll this morning while I was making his breakfast and he made the baby cry and with both hands covering his ears he shouted, "mom, baby too loud." I just had to laugh and think to myself you have no idea!

I am sure there are more carson-isms I could share and if I think of them I will add them to this post and I think I will save the things I am grateful for for a separate post because today has been a long day and this post seems to be getting even longer.

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