Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Urban Dictionary

I normally wouldn't even look up something like this but so many people were doing it that I had to check it out and I will admit I liked and agreed with what it said about me so here you go.

Tiffani is a rare variation of Tiffany. Tiffani's share a few qualities with Tiffany's but in general they're better and harder to find. They are loyal, sweet, compassionate, intelligent, creative and someone that finds the beauty in everything.. They have many acquaintances but very few best friends. You can find them always having a good time and searching for the best entertainment. They're open-minded and easy to talk to. They always have multiple guys on their mind and flirt around a lot, but always save their heart for that one special person and are always open to commitment. Tiffani's are absolutely adorable and they're silliness is contagious. Tiffani is the most unique and down to earth girl in the universe.

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