Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Shower

Catherine, Liz, Me and Kirsten

This past Saturday, my friend Liz threw me a baby shower. Liz enlisted the help of many (Catherine, Kirsten, Tammy, Stephanie, Mary, Lindsey, Robin, Ellie, and Lois...hope I'm not forgetting anyone!). They all helped to make the day unforgettable.

It really was a perfect afternoon with uh-mazing food and good company who could ask for anything more?!

I only wish we hadn't been having so much fun so that I could have gotten a few more pictures.

The food...mmmm.

Some of the people:

Ladies from Roseville Bunco and my neighbor(above)

Some church friends.
Kierstin in the middle is also having a little girl and is due a week before me, doesn't she look great!

Kirsten, Lois "the host" and Stephanie

My favorite part of the day was just having my friends gathered together. Although I wasn't able to visit as freely as I would have liked I enjoyed everyone's company. My friend Dawn from nursing school surprised me and although she isn't pictured, I enjoyed catching up and her presence was a neat treat!

After stuffing our faces and then going back for more; while we visited we played a few creative games that Robin had come up with. Robin and I were impressed because we had so many winners at the three games we played...dang my friends have mad skills!

FYI: my baby-bump at the widest part measures 11 toilet paper squares around...I will never look at TP squares the same again! It is also amazing to me that in a weeks time I feel so much bigger...yeah, I know this is going to be a continual thing until she arrives but still.

One of the games was especially interesting. Robin passed out magazine, scissors, glue sticks and a blank "canvas" for each group to create what they thought our baby would look like...below are the creative final "works of art."

# 1. I give you points for creativity and personalization
# 2 and #7. I chose these to win because in #2 has the big ears that seem to be hereditary and I thought #7 was just a beautiful baby!
#3. they were going for octa-mom but simply ran out of time
#4. I like how they included a hand drawing of our growing family
#5 and 6. I believe at the time I called them twisted...and I think that description still applies.

I had the best time and can't thank Liz enough for organizing the event. Oh, we have officially decided on her name:

Aren't these name letters awesome!

The End


Chris and Lisa said...

Looks like a wonderful party! I'm still bummed that I wasn't able to attend and even more sad that I still have not brought you your gift. Soon....i promise!!!!!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, how fun Tiffani! Sorry I didn't make it either ;) darn the mail! I LOVE those letters, sooooo cute! did you make them? And I love the name you picked!!

The Elmers said...

Oh my gosh Tiffani...the comment above is not from Megan haha, it's from me! Megan was over last night and we had signed in on her account and then never signed out! haha!

Lisa Nelson said...

Tiffany you are a beautiful pregnant Mother...sure love you!

Tiffani said...

Katie, too funny, it makes much more sense now!

Alexis said...

I can't believe that it is almost time to have your little girl. You look great, and the shower looked like a lot of fun. And I love the name letters. Can't wait to meet her, hopefully this summer.

chels said...

I am glad you had a great afternoon, you deserve it! I was happy to hear from Nicole that you will be able to make it this Sunday, it will be good to see you.

Blake and Erin said...

Fun! I love your name letters! Did you buy them or make them?? You should post about it! :)

chelsea said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun!! I can't wait to see what Miss Caitlyn really looks like!