Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Price of Getting Ready

I have been trying to limit the amount of television Carson gets to watch because I have noticed his behavior is a little off when he starts the day off in front of the boob-tube. The television for me and probably so many out there is a nice babysitter that I would use in the morning so that I could shower and get dressed-alone.

So in an attempt to be a better mom "June Cleaver style" and in order to get myself ready and on top of things for the day, I generally rise before Carson to ensure a little uninterrupted productive alone time where I will eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, check my e-mail, and possibly start a load of laundry, make breakfast or whatever. Well, the other morning I thought I deserved to sleep in once that week so Carson was my alarm clock promptly at 7:00's always within 10-15 minutes before or after that. After getting breakfast taken care of and playing I needed to get ready and asked him to play.

Now playing by himself is not something that Carson does well, he likes company. So while I showered, got dressed, blow dryed my hair and applied my face-about a 30-45 minute process-he took the liberty of emptying out an entire change jar all over our bathroom, spilling a cup of water all over the carpet from my night stand, and destroying a recently organized sock I was right there when all of this was happening (except the water, to which he didn't say a word just sat on the ground with his hands covering his eyes-something he does when he has does something he knows was a "no-no").

As I was saying, I was present when this chaos was unfolding but at that moment I didn't care because he was preoccupied and not hanging on my leg saying my name over and over. So in this instance I decided that the mess was well worth the opportunity to get ready for the day.


Lisa Nelson said...

good for you Tiff!

Liz said...

Sometimes it's totally worth the mess!

Chris and Lisa said...

I didn't figure this out til my third are way ahead of me!

Glad to hear that I'm not the only one with "leg-hanging," mommy-calling children!!! hahah!