Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Sling

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house we patiently waited for Santa to arrive.

drum roll please...
Santa had just arrived at my mom's house and we were busy capturing the moments digitally when my camera flashed me a change battery pack--nooooo!

Not wanting to miss the moment I rushed out to my car where I had left my purse and the possibility of an extra battery. Funny thing was it that day the thought occurred to me to charge the battery, but I didn't listen.

Anyway, running I fetch my purse and dashed back inside only to slip on water.

You see the walkway is concrete but the entry outside is tile. Tile is extremely slippery when wet...the next thing I know I am on the ground. The camera wasn't damaged in the process either was my phone the was in my back pocket. However, my backside aches and something is wrong with my ellbogen.

So I am laying on the ground, I yelled "HELP!"but no one heard me.

As I layed there crying, I wondering if my foot could reach the door to kick it.

I mustering up the courage to turn and knock.

My sister comes to the door saying, "you know it's unlocked." She is forgiven because she is a teenager.

The aftermath

To make a long story short, I am ok but I daresay that that was the worst pain I have ever felt-not EVER but second place.

Santa gave Carson this jingle cane and he loved hearing the bells!

this picture captures the commotion-attempts at a family picture with Santaa and me holding my arm.

Back to the fun part-Santa!
It was magical to say the least. I missed the look of awe on Carson's face when he realized that Santa was really at Gigi's but he loved every minute of it. Santa handed out presents and candy canes ( Carson ate 4, no wonder he wasn't hungry for dinner!), told a story, had a Q&A session and then we sang a song and he was off.

Us: "How many elves are in the North Pole?"
Santa: "For every person ever alive, they have had a personal elf"

Around 6 BiLlIoN!? I don't know about you but it seems like the North Pole would be overpopulated with that many little people running around.

We had dinner, opened presents and as is tradition in my family, we got pajamas. Here are the youngest members of the family modeling for us. What handsome boys, so GQ.

The End.


Laura said...

Haha! KLUTZ!!! JK! Is it broken??
Merry Christmas!

Shumster said...

Hope you are ok. That is so much fun that Santa gave you a visit on such a busy night. Lucky you :)

Alexis said...

Just when you want everything to go perfect... I hope that it heals quickly so that you will be able to work at school. I love your Santa he is perfect.