Sunday, December 28, 2008

6 Years!

Six years ago at 2:00pm, we along with 50 other couples got married at the Oakland Temple we were so young! I still remember it like it was yesterday, taking pictures and getting soggy in the pouring rain. Since then, our lives each year have changed and I can't wait to see what the future brings us.
Here's a flashback of us through the years.

I don't think that I will EVER be that tan again...oh to be young again.
The night before this camping trip with my family, Andrew was working and got stung by a bee. He is deathly allergic to bees as you can dell by his pillsbury dough boy hand-you think that is swollen, you should have seen his face the day before. He was unrecognizable.

First Year Anniversary

Although it was hard (for me) to be living so far from our families and having virtually no friends, I am gratfeul for the time we spent in Utah, just the two of us. I miss Cafe Rio, Movies 8, scenic drives, and THE basement-not!

Second Year
Andrew worked at Home Depot and I at Circuit City while he was working hard at school and in Business School.

Third Year

Andrew graduated from BYU and we wasted no time (I am pretty sure that it was the day after he graduated) moving back home to Cali. A week after we moved, we headed off to the trip of a lifetime and saw some amazing places including Prague were Andrew served his mission. When we got home from Europe, I started school that day...a goal I am still pursuing.

Fourth Year

After much anticipation, we were thrilled to find out that we were expecting Carson. We had no idea how much his birth would change our lives for the better...we seriously wonder what we did without really WHAT did we do with all of our time??

Fifth Year
So far, I think the fifth year was my favorite, so many amazing things happened but I love to see Andrew as a husband and father...I am tearing up as I just think about how awesome Andrew is with Carson and how good he is to me.

When Carson was four months old we were asked to be in the YW fashion show wearing our wedding attire to inspire the women the reason for being modest and their goal of a temple marriage. It was kind of fun to dress up and remember our day. It was also kind of weird holding a baby wearing my wedding felt kind of backwards.

Andrew you are a stud!

Sixth Anniversary

I loved you from the moment I saw you in that hammock, another guy at my side and all. I couldn't stop thinking about you and you really did have me at "hello". I am glad that I am yours for eternity...thanks for picking me. I know that I couldn't have done any better. You are still the apple of my eye after all this time.
Happy Anniversary! I Love YOU!


Liz and Scott said...

Happy Anniversary! It's so fun seeing all your pictures.

The Elmers said...

awwww! Happy Anniversary guys! That was fun to see all the pics...Brad had the same bleached out hair like Andrew when we dated! You guys are sooo cute together! And how is your arm??

Sarah said...

So cute! It's fun to see how you've changed through the years...and that you could still fit into that wedding dress after having a baby--go you!

Keri said...

That was totally cute to see you guys throught the last 6 years. How long would my post be next year if I did us through 12 years? ha ha I don't even have that many pics digitalized I would have to scan them...cause we are old. And forgive me, but I am totally cracking up at your falling outside the door when you went to get the camera. I hope you are feeling better. That just SUCKS... oh and happy anniversary.

The Morgans said...

Everyone, thanks for worrying about me. Andrew's grandpa checked it out and said that I just bruised it pretty bad so no broken bones here-got milk?

Laura said...

Soooo cute! Happy anniversary!

Haley Van Liew said...

Cute tiff. I know I said it last night. But seriously, I must be the most oblivious person, how do you make your profile cute? I have failed at that.

The Goulding Family said...

Happy Anniversary:) I am feeling great. Haven't really been sick so that is a blessing! Thanks for telling them hi for is school going?

Kristin said...

Happy Anniversary! It has been a while since I have been blogging, venturing to my friends sites to see the fun going on. So I just spent the last 20 minutes catching up on your blog! Addicting to say the least, you are an amazing blogger! You write how you speak, its almost like I'm sitting in the room with you :) Loved the old pictures! Loved the bleach blond hair and goatee on Andrew. And I thought the "sling" story was hilarious! Santa was incredible! And I have to ask, do you plan your pictures so they work perfectly on your blog? You are amazing! Oh, and if you need anything over the next few months, let me know how I can help. I know this semester is going to be a doozie for you. I also know YOU CAN DO IT!

Hillybug said...

Such a cute post! I love all the old pictures! You two still look fantastic, hope your anniversary was great!

Jen said...

So touching. Happy Anniversary guys. I LOVE that picture of the two of you and Carson, SO beautiful. AND you look darling after having a baby!!!! How did you Do that??? =)