Friday, December 19, 2008

Just the Two of Us

Andrew was out of town this weekend so it was just Carson and I. Carson is my little buddy. He is so fun and I loved spending time with him but didn't realize how nice it is that Andrew helps out at home. We sure had fun, but I need a break! I don't know how my friends do it weeks and months at a time without their husbands, you are my heroes!

First night:
Carson kissing baby Jesus

Second day:
Saturday morning we went to my mom's to get out of the house. We listened to Christmas music and made a craft. Carson didn't want to play with the big boys so he "helped" instead.

We then went to my brother Tanner's (kid in yellow) indoor soccer game. This was a first for Carson and soon after arriving he explored and found that he could get onto the field through the goalie net...luckily I got him before he could.

He liked watching the boys run back and forth on the field. It was funny, when he wasn't watching the game, he would wander and find kids (usually much bigger than him). He would get up on the benches and sit with them. Getting bored and then find new friends. The social butterfly managed to hang out with Brooklyn (4) and her Brother Gannon (6). They were so awesome with him. If any of you have been around Carson you know that he HATES being by himself even for a few minutes, seconds even. He always gravitates to people. He is going to love it when he has siblings of his own.

A hug without his sticky hands, how thoughtful. without Andrew-should be entertaining to say the least. Come home!!


Alexis said...

I have been going thru withdrawls (sp?) myself with Josh going back to work and having to cook dinner, clean up dinner, get the kids ready for bed and in bed all by myself. Not fun. By the way, i like the picture of you guys ready for church, you look very pretty.

Jen said...

That IS really hard when Daddy is gone!!! I am glad that you two are having fun though =). Okay, your aprons.....DARLING!!!! You need to do a little business out of that or something. I would TOTALLY buy them!!!