Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday FHE

After re-enacting the Christmas story from Luke chapter 2 and eating far too much sugar for one day, we went to look at Christmas lights.

It was nice to see homes that remembered the reason for the season with this awesome life sized nativity.

This year Carson stayed awake (and up until 10pm--which will make for a fun day because he has been awake since 7:00am...he doesn't sleep in-bummer).

It was fun to see his reaction to the "Christmas light street" I think his favorite lawn displays were Sesame Street of course, and a huge snowman and a Santa Claus, not pictured.

Our personal favorite was the leg from The Christmas Story...hilarious!

On a different note: My latest creations

Sunday and Monday while Carson was napping, I finished of some projects. I made the crayon holder for Carson--I need to think of a better name for them. As you can see, I made two holders because the first was kind of a trial run, I really need to start using patterns and then I wouldn't waste so much of my time. I also made another apron.


Monica said...

Tiffani-I seriously hope we will see a blog dedicated to selling your crafts sooooon! I want to buy these things!

The Mortimer's said...

Tiffani, You are so awesome! Please help me be crafty!

Laura said...

Ha! I didn't see that Christmas story leg lamp, was that on the street of lights?? That's funny! I know I've said it before, but we need to get together and have a craft night, I want you to teach me to make an apron. I'm sewing-retarded...

The Lamb Family said...

You are so crafty, Tiffani! You need to teach me some of your
talented skills!

I love your Christmas tree in the background;) Have a Merry Christmas!