Monday, October 27, 2008

One year older...

Happy Birthday Andrew! Another year has come and gone and on Sunday, Andrew celebrated his 29th Birthday (gasp! he doesn't look that old, does he?). Unfortunately, we spent the entire special day driving home from a short trip to Utah-sad huh? Before we left though I did make him his favorite breakfast of french toast with a dippy egg. I have been so busy and as a result he has been neglected big time so he really appreciated all of the birthday wishes he received.

We went to Utah for Andrew's cousin Bryce's wedding. The last time we were in Utah we drove this pink beauty which would shake when accelerated past 70 mph. Too funny!

Bryce and Meggan were sealed in the Timpanogos Temple by Joseph Fielding McConkie (Bruce R. McConkie's son) and it was the best sealing that I had ever witnessed, even the grandparent agreed.

While waiting for pictures to be taken, Carson had the time of his life going round and round this circle. He would even say, "round and round" and then just laugh! He also enjoyed saying "Hi!" to all of the other kids who were always surprised that he said anything at all. We were able to stay in Midway at Andrew's grandparents home. We had never been to this house, so when we first got there we were all looking around and Carson said, "wooow" and later pointed and said "clock." He has amazed us lately by all of the things he can say. He is getting to be a great communicator. Our short trip was a much needed getaway with pretty morning views that Carson got to enjoy the morning we left. He slept like a log every night and had just woken up to admire the horses. I don't think you can tell in this picture but there is a horse in the field behind us.

Besides the wedding, we maximized our time in Utah by visiting our friend Drew who just finished his fourth round of chemo, my Grandparents in Salt Lake and we also stopped by the Provo Home Depot to see some of Andrew's old friends. We had a great time and Carson was as good as to be expected considering he was stuck in the car for mre than 25 hours in a three day period. I sure it was hard for him considering all he really wants to do is run amuck and explore. Thank goodness for portable DVD players, oh how I love technology!

Andrew, thanks for being Mr. Mom lately. You really are the best husband, father and friend.
I love you.


Liz and Scott said...

Happy Birthday on Sunday Andrew!
I didn't realize you and Scott were the same age.
Tiffani - I love that wedding picture of you two. You look beautiful.
I also can't believe how much older Carson seems in such a short amount of time. Will has some catching up to do.

Alexis said...

Happy Happy Birthday Andrew dear, Happy days will come to you all year, if I had a wish then it would be, a Happy Happy birthday to you from me!!

The Lamb Family said...

Carson is growing up! Time flies! Happy belated b-day, Andrew! You are a super dad. Good job with your school work. You are truly a super mom with taking care of your family and dealing with nursing school. I don;t think I can ever do it;)

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!!