Saturday, October 18, 2008


I did my first injections on my patient this week! I was so nervous because we had read about injections (subcutaneous and intramuscular) and had a lecture about injections and technique the day before clinical however, we had never practiced! The above picture is the day after clinical... kind of backwards if you ask me-yikes! At 7:30 am I had to give insulin to my patient and had to pull two different kinds insulin out of vials which requires some technique. I did that correctly and I must admit the first time was the worst only because I was not sure what to expect. Later in the day when I had to give a different medication it was not that big of a deal. I can't believe that they let us do so many things at the hospital because many of them, especially with drugs come with a huge amount of responsibility.

Group picture.
In my class of 2010 (that's sounds like an eternity from now) has 38 students and we are all broken into groups of 10 originally, group B (because we're brilliant) has 9. We have lecture with group D (not pictured) and I spend quite a lot of time with them every week and am getting to know some of them pretty well.
The End.


The Elmers said...

Sounds like you're doing awesome! That is so weird to think that you are already giving people shots!! HOw fun! Looks like a fun group of people also, what a good experience.

Alexis said...

That is the whole reason that I never thought I could be a nurse, giving shots. So I am glad that you can handle it. And I hope that they don't make you practice doing it to a baby, cuz that is the worst.

kirstica said...

Hey girl... i LOVE pt this week is in ESRD and i got to give heprin, lantis, and reg insulin... i got so lucky!(I guess that is kinda mean to say... poor guy.) Hope things are going well! I believe we are half way w/ this semester! Congrats... <3 you!