Friday, October 31, 2008

I Am a Lion, Hear Me Roar!

We are so excited this year for Halloween because last year Carson was only 4 months old and now at 17 months, he is at such a fun stage. He is adventurous, likes to knock on doors and happens to LOVE chocolate, so I know that this might be his favorite holiday of all time...until Christmas rolls around.

What about this one?

At the pumpkin patch this year he was more interested in exploring than he was about pumpkins.

In fact, he thought that pumpkins were balls and exhibited this to us by throwing them whenever he would pick one up.

His costume for this year is a lion because the monkey costume that I wanted for him last year was again sold out. To ensure that we don't have that same problem next year we have secured the monkey costume. I figured after this year that he might not always want to be an animal.

The first time we tried on his costume, he freaked out. He was kicking and flailing like children love to do when they don't get their way. This time, he came around and he is quite the timid little lion with his soft innocent roar.

Update: the loot. We went to about 20 houses and got all of this candy! Now what?

What do you do with your Halloween candy?


The McKiernan's said...

love the lion costume!!! oh and with the candy...of course I let them have some of it and I think Im going to use some for bribery/treats while trying to potty train trevor!

Alexis said...

check out that candy, you must have gone to a nice place to get the big sized candy. As for what I do with all the candy... check out what they got, take what I want and then let them have the rest. Of course we make sure they have a healthy dinner/lunch. They also work great for bribes too. Or sit and watch a movie and eat it all so that it is all gone and then go to the gym.

The Goulding Family said...

cute costume!! Hey, do you need a sub for bunco this month? My friend who subbed for you last month is totally available to sub again:) Let me know.