Saturday, February 9, 2008

More than you may care to know

Andrew's friend Monica from back in the "single days" tagged me because she wanted to get to know me better... so this is for her and is probably more than anyone cares to know.

1. Your name:2. Favorite restaurant:
3. A place I'd like to travel to:
4. Favorite food:

5. Favorite dessert:
6. Favorite animal:
7. Favorite place to think:

8. Favorite singer:
9. Place I was born:
10. My job as I dream it:
11. My job in reality:
12. Favorite books:
13. Favorite color:

14. Favorite object:
15: Favorite music:
I like variety
16. Favorite day

17. What I want right now: (date night)
I would like to know more about new friend and old friends, drum roll please....Chelsie Orr(first post perhaps?!), Reiko Lamb, Lindsey Erickson, Nichole Tolley, Joanie Atwater, Brittany Lowe, Kari Stacy, Kristen Hinson, and Cathi Bitter...and anyone else that has a few minutes.


AshbyFamily said...

That's really should Debbie Huber's blog, she did a cute thing too!

Monica said...

Yeah! I'm glad you did it! It was fun to read. I actually think you and I are a lot a like. (I am a gold girl too) Except I definitely don't like to run or do the splits! :) You are such a cute girl. I hope some day we can chat more...

The LOWEdown said...

I had so much fun the other night! Thanks for inviting me! You guys need to come over this weekend and hang out! We had a lot of fun playing rockband with you! the boys need to play together too! (the young ones i mean)!

The Atwaters said...

Rock Band? Dude, okay here is the plan. Rob and I love BJ's too...sooooo, we'll come over and we can go to BJ's to eat then play Rock Band, then hop on a flight and go to Bora Bora all as a double date. The end.

The LOWEdown said...

You are so creative!! i will do this on my blog, but it won't look as cute as yours!!