Monday, February 4, 2008

8 months

Our little ham. All smiles, all the time. He is such a happy kid.

Last weekend Scott and Liz invited us to go to Monterey with them and we had so much fun! I'll do another post on the trip later. Anyways, while we were there we went to the Monterey Aquarium (thanks Hilary) and Carson loved looking at everything he saw, he was totally mesmerized. He only lasted in his stroller for a few minutes because he wanted to get a closer look at everything he saw. Other than that there is no big news to report this month with Carson. He is sleeping better at night, finally, which means he wants to eat more during the day which I am ok more than ok with. Anything for a good nights sleep. We are also working on crawling but he doesn't prefer his stomach. He gets frustrated and usually rolls over or just puts his head on his hands and cries-drama king. More of his personality emerges everyday and we are having so much fun getting to know our little man.


The LOWEdown said...

How fun! I want to take Carson on a fun trip! Ok you don't know how mad i am that im not in your ward anymore. I cried all night last night because i'm in another ward with all the old people!!! And my sister who lives on pretty much the same road as me, is still not in my ward! I can't believe that they would seperate the boundaries the way they did! I seriously don't want to go to church now! So Chad and I had a lot of fun this weekend! Thanks for letting us come over. We are going to have to stay in touch! I will see you on Wednesday Night!!!

The Elmers said...

Ok, so he is sooo cute, he looks just like you! Same smile!

Jen said...

So cute!!!! I LOVE that yellow shirt too =).