Thursday, June 7, 2012


Mother's Day weekend was an eventful one for my family and I. 

I am so lucky to be their mom!  They keep me on my toes and whenever people see us out, they comment on how I have my hands full-yes, I do-full of good things!

As many of you know, I have been in nursing school FAR too long and I we finally finished! 

The process was torturous and we persevered with daily, sometimes hourly "you can do it" pep talks.  Someone recently asked if I thought the process was worth it.  Without hesitation Andrew and I both chimed in, "NO!"  Andrew is cute he continued that he wouldn't encourage me to do it has been a rough few years!

A big thank you to all who supported me and put up with me being unavailable!

To celebrate we headed to the "happiest place on earth!" 

We had a great time jumping on the hotel beds( a favorite past time at home as well), swimming ( after a long drive we wasted no time taking a dip!) and of course exploring Disney!  

First of I like to do my complaining right up front and then move along.  We went during the week and prior to school being out and it was still packed!  Don't people work anymore?  Second thing is more of a note to self: do not bring children under 4 years old.  The boys were great.  Carson was a little timid and afraid of a couple rides and nothing was going to convince him otherwise.  Owen went along for the ride.  Caitlin was terrified of the characters and as always was emotional {that's an understatement!} Waiting in lines, staying up late and missed naps make for grouchy, throw yourself on the ground kicking and screaming child.  I have to admit, Disney is the one place where people look at you and understand when your kid is acting like a lunatic that it isn't a reflection on you, your kid is just having a bad day. 

 Us patiently waiting for the park to open!
Our first day at the park we were pumped! 

We got into Toon Town an hour prior to it opening so we were able to meet the characters without spending much time in line.  We preferred the crowd that morning because there wasn't one! We loved seeing to kids take anything it and we had a great day!


 Carson could hardly contain himself!  So curious and excited about everything he saw!

Caitlin loved Minnie's House and went right for the fridge-typical!


At Mickie's House, one minute we're taking a picture, the next Owen is literally eating Mickey's NOSE!  Mickey was a good sport!


Owen thought the whole thing was hilarious!

We were also lucky enough to meet up with our friends and we adults took turns manning the kids so we could enjoy some of the bigger rides like Indiana Jones and Splash Mtn. 

The kids favorite ride were the Tea Cups.  Owen did so well and even enjoyed going on some rides as well.

Carson wore his long sleeved Star Wars shirt all day in hopes of being chosen for Jedi Training!  
We had planned to go to the early show but never got around to it and he didn't want to change.  His shirt paid off and he got to train and FIGHT with Darth Vader...he was sooooo scared but did very well! 

We experienced the parade and sat right at the beginning of it, what a treat!  I love that Disney is kept immaculate! 


The second day at the park we got to go in an hour early but so did every else it seemed. 


After watching 3D Michael Jackson, we headed to California Adventure and spent the rest of the day there. 


A highlight was getting to see the Jackson's for a few hours and partaking of lunch at Ariel's Grotto-the food was delicious and it was fun to meet all of the princesses!

Caitlin's favorite princess was Cinderella whom she kissed on the cheek!  Cinderella graciously allowed her!

Did I mention that the food was amazing!  Three courses; we stuffed our faces.  Periodically while eating a trumpet sounds and a jester announces a Princess and then said Princess comes parading around greeting each table.  Pretty awesome!


Caitlin was terrified of Mickey and Minnie but like Buzz who is much larger in stature.

I can't get enough of Owen!  I love how his face lights up! 

Boys will be boys, Carson makes a weapon out of anything he can!

Churros! Yum!

That night we stuck around late to watch World of Color...don't miss this show!  It was spectacular!We had to wait awhile but we got a few of my favorite pictures while waiting so it was totally worth it!


The last day the kids were still enthusiastic but Andrew and I were a little worn out!  A bit too much walking, pushing and carrying will do that to you!

Carson eyed this Zurg Shooter the first day at the park and we made him wait to be sure that toy was the one that he wanted...he was patient and didn't let us forget to buy it.  He was so happy!

We had a great time but won't be going back anytime soon!

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looks like you had a great time!!! I totally want to go now!