Friday, June 8, 2012


Carson is 5!  He is such a sweet boy and is inquisitive with a thousand questions a minute it seems! HE just completed pre-school and has been practicing his sight words to prepare for kindergarten and he memorized all 40 (this took awhile:)  In his spare time, he likes to play with guns {any gun will do!}He has quite the collection!

This year we celebrated his birthday on his birthday!  I loved having one party!  He chose Star Wars theme and I'll admit to getting all of my ideas from nice to be able to model after someone else's creativity!

 Andrew made all of these light sabers!  Each handle is unique!  He is amazing!

It has rained the last 2 years on June 4th so I have gotten to have a large group of rambunctious kids IN my house instead of outside so unfortunately, we couldn't invite ALL of Carsons friends-our house is big but not that big {Carson just has a lot of friends!}
Carson was so excited anxiously awaited his guests all day, starting at 9am with "when are my friends going to be here?" "Not until 3!" was the reply.


Best part of his day: His friends arrived!

 Owen ate up all the chaos!

 Here's the schedule:


  After the training (obstacle course) and pin the light saber on Yoda, the kids went on a scavenger hunt for the sabers!  It was so fun to see them searching high and low for the clues!

Ava found the last clue...light sabers here they come!

 The kids LOVED them!  The best part was that they don't really hurt if hit by them-foam is the best!
We had a snack to get energy for Jedi Training!

 Stretching, yoda ear pull and padawan moves=Jedi's



 Their challenge was to keep Darth balloons up ion the air-they did a great job and nothing was broken!

 Happy Birthday Carson!
Cake pope have become a birthday tradition, they are oh so yummy but messy so I was grateful that the rain had stopped so the kids to eat them outside!

 Blowing out the candles-I tried to be artsy but it didn't really work!

Once we had done everything on the schedule it was kind of a free for all!  Carson had a great birthday!


 Can't believe he's 5!

 May the Force be with YOU!

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite show: Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Favorite place to go: Smash Burger/Habit
Enjoys rising his bike, swimming, picking on Caitlin and playing with his guns/swords

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