Sunday, May 6, 2012

5 months

 Owen is 5 months! 

I have been using Instagram daily so my blogging has taken a backseat-I need to recommit to writing more!

It never ceases to amaze me how much changes in a mere 30 (give or take) days!
 He got his first tooth, loves to eat his hands {sometimes his feet too!}
Enjoys jumping in the jumper, being held and splashing in the bath!
He has started solids and has tried so far oatmeal, rice, carrots, peas and prunes.
He is cheerful and happy making everyone's day joyful not only with his smiles but his little voice too!


We often go walking and he usually falls asleep en route but one morning he was alert and tried out the swing...this isn't about Owen but I just love where we live it is so beautiful!

We love Owen and are grateful that he's part of our family!  


Allison said...

Instagram has made my blogging non existent too! Love all the cute pics. They do get too big, too fast!

Kristin Jones said...

I'm in the Instagram boat as well. So much easier! :) Can't believe how fast they sad.