Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Andrew really is the BEST Dad!  We always joke about if something were to happen to us and how I would have we would have a hard time finding someone else...I mean we have three kids, that's a lot of responsibility.  Andrew's response was, "I could get anyone...if they saw me with my kids they would love me!"  As much as I wish I could rain on his parade, it's true.  He is number 1!

He is funny and generous with the kids {something I don"t always appreciate} and the kids adore their Dad!

Caitlin loves your kisses and hugs!

Carson loves when you read to him and he really likes his marshmallow gun!
Owen loves waking up and seeing you every morning!

We have been making yearly artwork since Carson was little but I have Pinterest to thank for this years inspiration for which I would call art...I am pleased with the way it turned out!
I couldn't have asked for a better Dad for our kids and I am continually amazed at the love and devotion he shows to our kids.  I love you Andrew!

Happy Father's Day!

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