Saturday, April 21, 2012

Moonlighting Photographer

I am the oldest in my family and until a couple of years ago where the only married, procreating one's as well. 

That has come to an end with not one, nut two babies due in our families within a few weeks!

I feel privileged that I got the chance to capture their beauty and bellies. 

Two different shoots, one in nature the other urban-I love them both and can't wait to meet my nieces!

 Sabrina and Dan are expecting Amelia Marie near the end of May.  My sister and I are 10 years apart so I never thought we would have young kids at the same time so I am excited to get to experience park dates and other mommy adventures together. 

 Robin and Eric are due June 5th with June Alexandra...Eric and Robin dated for a decade.  Both of their birthdays are in June and so is their anniversary (a great meaning behind their name is you ask me!) and another Morgan baby has been much anticipated.  The birth of June could land on Robin (2nd) or Carson's (4th) which would be extra special.

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