Saturday, February 26, 2011

When I grow up...

Carson has been making BIG plans regarding his future. Almost everywhere we go and anything we see's that he wants the sentence starts like this, "when I grow up" or "when I'm a Dad." Because he has these comments so frequently {it's borderline ridiculous} I thought it would be fun to keep track of what he thinks he wants.

When I grow up...

I want to be a firefighter and a doctor, a rock star and a Dad

I want a BIG truck to drive in the snow with...and a car
I want three kids and three car seats and their names will be Sally and Nick...I guess his wife gets to name one of them!
I want to be your neighbor
I want a lawn mower
I want a BBQ
I want a gun and a knife
I want a house; will you come visit me?

Now that I am writing this I can't remember all the rest but knowing him, there will be more!

Because of his firefighting ambition, Scott offered to let us come by his fire station. Carson was ecstatic...until we got there and saw the fire engines and trucks. Looking back he was probably intimidated by the sheer size of the engines and the new surroundings. I mean the tires alone where just as tall as he was!

When we left he couldn't stop talking about his experience. His favorite things included: the ax, 3 fridges, the hose and Scott. Scott, thanks for sharing your work with us!


Righteous Republic said...

Firefighter, doctor, AND a rockstar? Kid's gonna loaded. lol.

They are both getting so big! And, you look amazing as always. Pshhhh.


Lisa said...

This is Uncle Mike. Thanks Tiffani for the B-Day message. What a coincidence you were always my favorite too:)

Jillian Goulding said...

So cute! I am sure he had so much fun at the fire station w/ Scott. My vote is for him to be a firefighter when he grows up...I guess I am a little biased though:)