Monday, February 28, 2011

Sacramento Zoo

Last Monday (Cait's birthday) the sun was shining bright and we didn't have any plans so we headed to the zoo. Now, let's not let us confuse the term zoo with staying at home because sometimes that feels zanier than the real deal.

I had not been to the Sacramento Zoo since I was a kid and was sad that they no longer had a hippo {I guess he was my favorite if I even remember there being a hippo}. Carson loved looking at the map and asking what we were going to see next.

I have to admit, I will keep going to the Folsom Zoo for a couple reasons; 1. the price is more reasonable and I think their variety of animals is pretty good 2. their train is WAY better!

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Liz said...

Scott & I tried taking Will to the Folsom Zoo yesterday, but it was closed! We're going to have to check out the one in sacramento. It looks like you guys had a great time!