Monday, February 21, 2011


Look who's one!

Caitlin is a great addition to our family and I can't imagine our family without her {I guess that's not 100% true because it would be quite a bit quieter :] } This year has been an eventful one and I am kind of sad that it has gone by so quickly.

Despite the cold weather, I took her pictures Saturday and the cold helped us keep the photo session short!

Cait is a happy girl who loves to burrow into her blanket, wave hi and bye, "re-organize the cupboards"=everything on the ground several times a day. She babbles and says: more (signs and says), mama, dada, Uuh (up), and she loves to clap.

She is good at giving slobbery kisses, drinking from her sippy cup all by herself, and crawling as fast as she can. We honestly thought she would be walking by now but she's not interested, probably because she is such a proficient crawler and that's ok with us.

She loves to eat anything she can get her hands on! Her favorites being bananas, freeze dried yogurt bites, black beans, our cold cereal, and any type of snack cracker. If she has finished and wants more we get to hear a velociraptor roar from her.

She is determined, has quite the personality and we love her.

We celebrated with a family dinner yesterday. We are so fortunate to live so close to our family!

She lite up when we were all singing to her and ate her cake very lady like.

Clean & Dirty

Happy 1st Birthday Cait!


Kali Matthews said...

She is so sweet, Tiff! I just love her! She's getting more and more beautiful and looking like such a big girl. Happy Birthday dear! :)

Kali Matthews said...

P.S. You did an AMAZING job on her pictures! You're quite the photog.

Marc and Stacy said...

She's so beautiful! I say we hook her and my Carson up in about 21 years- I know it might be a little weird with the whole name thing, but that's okay! :)

Tiffani said...

Wouldn't be too weird considering I have a brother named Andrew too!