Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9

My dad has always worked really hard for his kids. I have always admired his strong work ethic and tried to mirror that. He is also a great example of fulfilling church callings and service. He too has helped us out around the house...our house thanks you. My favorite memories of my dad are on the road. We would usually take a road trip sometime during the summer. When I was little we would go visit his family sometime during the summer; Idaho, Vegas, L.A.=disneyland. He could always make us laugh and I know for a fact that we drove him crazy, especially when carrots would go flying and hit him in the head while he was driving...but he loved us anyway!


chels said...

The trip to Sand Mountain was great!! Even though you fell off the quad... :(

Tiffani said...

pretty sure you fell off remember; I was driving and gunned it too hard and you slid off the back...sorry!

chels said...

that's right! It's coming back to me...makes my butt hurt!