Thursday, August 5, 2010

Slippery Fish

Keeping in mind that Carson is only three, he has a crazy social calendar! He is one busy kid. Wednesday morning we hit up the UA free movie, came home ate lunch, swapped street clothes for swim clothes, got yogurt, then headed for the Pettey's pool to swim with Carson's first love Ava.

We have spent quite of bit of time swimming with family and friends but I never seem to get my camera out and being as summer's winding down I wanted to be sure to capture us in action!

Carson loves the water and enjoys going swimming if it involves a little pool or large step and while this is convenient, he needs to be pool safe. So, we have been working with Carson on his swimming, I have given him swim lessons and Andrew's mom has taught him twice for a total of less than 45 minutes...those 45 minutes felt like an eternity because he is super dramatic and would cry and yell; "no more, I want mommmmeee." But he is feeling confident in the pool and volunteered to get rings and put his head under this day. whoo-hoo!

When released Carson can turn to the wall grab it and climb out. He can fetch rings. He has a mean kick and can hold his breath for a body length distance. We are so proud of his progress.

Cait too is a little fish but tires easily and often enjoys poolside naps.

I know I'm biased but she is one beautiful baby!

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