Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Schedule

While we play hard and enjoy our summer I have tried to also have some daily structured planned learning time. Doesn't always happen but I try. Different days include; sports, crafts, cooking, music, mini-school {shapes, colors, letters--the last being the least productive for us} and field trips. Some days are super simple and other days are more involved, it all depends on how much time I have!

This week our craft was what Carson calls "finger puppets." He was the creative side choosing the animal and necessary colors and accessories. His first idea was to make a spider and then once his creative juices got flowing we made a handful.

I was in charge of the glue {I used hot glue...ouch!} The activity was a hit and I was ready to clean up before he was...I wanted to save something for another day.

His finished masterpieces; a spider, butterfly,, frog, chick, cow and a girl.
He even packed them all in his back pack to show friends, I guess that's one way you can measure an activities success!


chels said...

So fun, Tiff! Way to go for planning such great things for him :)

Alexis said...

those are really cute. Great idea.