Friday, July 30, 2010

Filling our Buckets

I am well aware that my kids are growing like weeds faster than I can keep track. This makes me happy but also reminds me of the huge responsibility I have to ensure that my kids are not only learning temporal skills but I know that I am also responsible for nurturing their little spirits and teaching them all that they must know to live with Him again.

I have always sung to Carson before bed...I am not a great singer but he doesn't know any better! Carson loves music. His favorite church songs include, I am a Child of God, I Love to see the Temple, I am Like a Star, Follow the Prophet, Families Are Forever, Popcorn popping and Book of Mormon stories. I recently got the Primary music CDs and we have been listening to them as background noise as we play and even have them in the car sometimes. I have not only enjoyed a calmer atmosphere in my home but it has been fun listening to Carson sing songs that I didn't really think he was paying any attention to. He new song that he loves is Nephi's courage and the missionary song and I enjoy hearing his sweet little voice sing, "I will GO, I will DO..." and "I hope they call me a mission" With all the crazy things that occur day to day in this crazy world we live I hope that my children when they leave our home will go and do the right things.

Here's Carson sharing one of his favorites with us.

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Sarah said...

So cute! I love little singing voices. And when did your baby get so big?? She's adorable.