Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family Reunion

After driving for 14 hours we arrived late in the night and went straight to bed. The ipad saved us on the drive and gave me a break from entertaining Big C so I could help little c.

In the morning with the sun coming up over the mountains the ranch is beautiful!

There is a main house, a barn, an outdoor shower, stables, and four cabins (shown) that have their own living space, kitchen, bathroom, queen sized bed and loft. We stayed in the second cabin, buffalo #2 and it was decorated super cute with retro vintage artwork.

The first day (Tuesday) we rode horses. Carson was super excited to be at "the farm" and kept saying, "whee-haw!"

He rode first with Andrew and then again with me. He was on a horse for about 3 hours and loved it! When the horse would gallop fast he would say, "stop" or "whoa."

That night they had a campfire but we were so tired that I opted out and went to bed!

The second day we rode ATVs...I don't have any pictures of that but I'm sure someone does!

Besides exploring the ranch property we went four wheeling up the countryside where we saw amazing panoramic views, and where wildflowers dotted the rolling hills. It really is beautiful country.

This night we set up a huge projector and watched a movie under the stars. It started pretty late but I had already told Carson about it so we improvised and watched our own movie.

It happened to be the coldest night there with the temperatures dropping to low 30's so we retired early again...I am sensing a pattern here and I'll be the first to admit that I am not a night person!

The third day we went on a hike to Spring Falls.

We wore our swimsuits thinking it would be refreshing to take a dip in the water but the water was freezing and there was still snow on the mountainside, covered by dirt of course but the snow was a useful bridge to get higher on the mountain.

I thought it was super thoughtful that Carson picked a wildflower and tried to give it to Caitlin.

This night we had a dance in the barn. Andrew's Uncle Steve taught us a plethora of line dances and it was pretty fun seeing my father in-law dance for the first time-ever {I'm pretty sure he danced so that he wouldn't get a hard time for leaving to go fishing!}

Preparing the barn for our dance!

My cowboy!

The fourth day we went rafting down the Snake River. It was super fun!

When we were getting off the river there was this girl (I don't dare call her a lady) who we thought had a bad wedgie but it turned out that was just the way her bottoms were...a couple sizes too small!

Andrew and his Dad left this morning (Friday) and headed for Montana for their annual fly-fishing trip. That night we had the annual talent show in which Carson and I participated in. I was in a group number who performed the World Cup Waka Waka dance.

and for some reason the video won't allow me to rotate it so it's sideways, sorry!

Carson sang his favorite song, "Twinkle-twinkles little star." Carson's face was so happy after he sang and we all started clapping, you (I) could tell he was so proud...maybe that's why we got his special break dance performance!

Besides the planned daily activites we jumped on the trampoline, played horse-shoes, the guys shot clay discs, we hung out with family, and enjoyed our surroundings...and I am sure there is plenty I have left out!
-Aren't the views amazing! Every chance Carson got he was jumping on the trampoline...I am thinking Christmas present? hint, hint honey:)
Wherever we go Carson tends to gravitate towards girl, he's already a ladies man I guess. He and Hannah are a couple months apart and played together nicely. One afternoon I caught them on the porch where Carson was showing her his books, "this one's funny" (referring to Moosetache)

One evening Carson begged to get in the sink with Caitlin so after saying no a couple times relented and he was happy...then he took a shower!

The night before Andrew left we took a few impromptu pictures as the sun was setting and had I known that Cait would cooperate so well I would have worn make-up and made Andrew change his shirt because I think this would make a great Christmas card picture!

Being in Freedom makes me almost want to live on some property and live a slower life, I know Carson would be up for it because he keeps asking to go back long drive and all.

After all of this fun I was ready to head back home. So after breakfast Saturday we packed up and headed home. Being as Andrew was fishing his brother Alex accompanied us on the long drive. We made it home safely and the kids could not have been any better but he managed to get a speeding ticket and a rolling tire did some damage to my bumper-bummer!

We had a great time away but walking into our home was like heaven on earth, it felt so good to be home!

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