Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding Weekend

This weekend was a much anticipated event--we have all been waiting a long time--they dated for 10 years!! The weekend started on Thursday as we headed to Monterey. We arrived at the rental house first and hung out.

While we were unwinding from our drive in this "new house" Andrew asked "what if we lived here?" we both agreed that we love our home and location too much but it made me think that I would be happy with my family wherever we chose to live and that realization made me happy.

Anyways, we decided that we would find a place to eat that was close enough to walk. Although it was crazy windy we enjoyed our walk checking out the historical homes and window shopping in Pacific Grove on our way to get some food; totally feeling like a local.

Saturday we headed to Lover's Point Beach and then I stranded my family to meet up with the bridesmaids for mani's and pedi's. It was great to relax and take some me time before helping get ready for the family dinner that night. After the rehearsal we had everyone back to the rental house for was perfect!

Andrew, Carson and I were honored to be a part of the wedding party; it made for one busy day but we had so much fun! Andrew was the best man, I was a bridesmaid and Carson was the ring bearer {however, he didn't actually get to carry the precious stones--thank goodness!}

Eric and Robin are a perfect match and they are best friends. Day of Eric looked as handsome as usual and Robin was stunning...unfortunately I only got one picture of them and it doesn't do them justice!

Carson was a dancing machine even getting called out by the DJ for dancing with 4 different girls in 1 song--at least we know he's interested in girls--that's my boy!

I am so happy for Eric and Robin and can't wait to see the official wedding photos-no pressure Linds!

Ian is the next available bachelor {almost 29, handsome, business owner, great dancer and funny} so if anyone knows a great match in the Sac area send her our way!

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Alexis said...

Tiff, you look so pretty. You always have been, but I love the pix of you and Andrew. We are thinking of coming out there this summer and it would be great to see you guys and even use Andrew's new BBQ. we'll have to talk.