Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ridiculous Expectations

I like to think that I run a tight ship; dishes done, laundry clean, car washed, surfaces dusted, floors crumb free, mirrors streak and splatter free...you get the idea. With Carson as our only child I was able to keep the house as orderly as I liked and still spend quality time with my family and manage to have free time.

Since Caitlin's arrival I have noticed that trying to and expecting myself to maintain the same order as before was leaving me worn out, stressed and often times barking at Carson because, "I have things to do!"

Then it hit me, I am a mother. My job is to spend time with my children and take care of their needs. No where in my job description does it say I am to have a spotless house and be Martha Stewart.

This idea of not conforming to perfection doesn't come easy for me but I want to be a mother not a full-time housekeeper. With that said, I have cut back on the time I spend doing non-essential tasks and it has been a revelation!

This doesn't mean that I've let it all go, I just clean less and enjoy more. I love not feeling like I have to have everything on order all of the time and it has allowed me for example to walk to the park after dinner for fun instead of cleaning up after dinner like I usually would.

I am happier and love my new found freedom!

Because come on, who wouldn't want to spend every second with these two?!


chels said...

Good for you Tiff! You are so talented at so many things, especially being a mom. By the way, Caitlin looks a bit like Connor in the top piture...SO CUTE!

chels said...

oops...picture...but you know what I mean... :)

Lisa Nelson said...

good for you Tiffanie! I had a hard time with this too when my kids were little. You will manage again soon enough to get it all done. But just wait til you have a 3rd....it's over for good!