Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Andrew really is the BEST dad. My only complaint is that he gets to be the "cool" parent. He knows it and so does Carson leaving me left as the all powerful, less fun enforcer.

In years past his gifts have been items he could probably care less about-sorry honey. This year I decided to splurge {cause it's his money anyway} and I bought something he wanted! He got a Traeger BBQ, the ultimate meat smoking machine. Now we can have a real party!

He's happy and I'm happy because this gift is great for him but even better for me because when we use it it's less cooking I have to do-double whammy! I also got him a case for his iPad.

Debuting 2010's annual Father's Day art (previous years her here).

Most men milk Father's Day wanting to be selfish, not Andrew. He shared his Seese candy from church, made lunch (thanks bbq) and still helped out with the kids. When I offered to take care of cleaning up Carson and laying him down for his nap so that he could go take a nap he said, "I'm ok, taking care of the kids is something I enjoy."

When Carson was asked what his favorite things about Dad were without hesitation he replied: "I like daddy's truck, I like his lawn-mow, I like when we wrestle and read. Dad makes me silly. I love mine Dad."

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