Thursday, June 10, 2010

Calling All Superhero's

Waiting with anticipation for his friends to arrive, Carson was running around the house wearing his super hero cape and saying, "do you see my C?", making funny faces and taking pictures of us with the camera.

In the midst of heroic pursuits we had the presence of Superman, Batman, captain underpants, Miss Giggles, and Captain America too name a few.

Speaking of capes, they turned out great and Carson loved them! The kids loved them!
The kids played lightning ball, got tatooed and fished for ducks (how this is superhero related you got me but it was entertainment so we did it!)

The fishing went well until Zoie tripped in the duck pool and was sad so seconds later to make her feel better Carson purposefully slid into the pool and from there on out it became a water party!

Something I won't forget is when I brought out his cake-pop and ice cream to sing to Carson he didn't wait for us to join in; as soon as I set down the plate he started {loudly} singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!"...we got the hint and joined in.

100 cake pops made, only 5 left! I made chocolate with dark chocolate mint, chocolate with peanut butter and yellow with milk chocolate. They were a process and super messy and I will definitely make them again, thanks to Leslie for giving me the idea and instructions on how-to.

Can you guess what his favorite present was?

As mentioned in the previous post, we got him a gun and he loved it for one whole day before asking for a bigger gun, "like William." So I took him and let him pick one out and he indeed did pick the biggest one they had and it came with a little one, then we took the other one back.

During the party Cait got her grandma fix or visa versa.

We love our Carson and can't believe that he's 3!

Happy Birthday!

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