Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fairytale Town

Carson is at a stage where he remembers things that we do and does best when we are active. Today we went to Fairytale Town.

I have the best memories going there when I was a kid and I was pleased to see that nothing has changed yet it doesn't seem old either which I liked. We were lucky enough to have a few friends join us as we ran, explored and ate lunch.

After lunch a huge group of class field trips swarmed the place so we packed up and headed home.

Carson especially loved the train, pirate ship and the castle...he's all boy!

He is super cute always wanting to hold and give loves.
My favorite thing is when he says, "I love Caitlin"...she is one lucky little sister.

We will definitely go back soon!

Speaking of soon...Carson is turning 3!

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Lisa Nelson said...

omg Tiff, your kids are so adorable. I miss those ages and those days...cherish them...they grow up so fast!