Friday, May 7, 2010

Communication Conundrum

Marriage depends on many things to be successful. Trust. Love. Communication. Time. Friendship. Understanding. Loyalty. These are just a few of the main things that a marriage need to thrive.

Usually when husbands and wives spend time together they have a chance to talk/communicate. Many know that Andrew and I are around each other almost 24/7 because we a lucky enough for him to work at home. However, in our case, "time together" doesn't always=great communication.

For example, this afternoon amidst Carson having a play date, Andrew was in the kitchen fixing something to eat and I was in the playroom...not that far from the kitchen; when Andrew initiated a conversation that went like this:

"Emma is no longer the top baby name."

Interested I replied, "Really?"

He said, "Guess what is?"

My response, "Guitar Hero?"

He laughed then said, "What did you think I said?"

Me, " Didn't you say Halo is no longer the top video game?"

It's a good thing it wasn't something important.

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Chris and Lisa said...

hahahaha...that made me laugh out loud!