Monday, May 3, 2010

Caitlin's Blessing

Yesterday at church Andrew was able to bless Caitlin. In the morning after I put Caitlin in her special dress (the one that Andrew's mom made for us...isn't it beautiful! ) Carson said, "Caitlin looks like a pretty princess!" Awww.

We had great family support and in my opinion an extra special visitor, my Grandpa Tom. For starters Tom is my only living biological grandparent and he also has Parkinson's disease which limits his activities. In fact, he hadn't been to church in years so when I saw him at church, I started crying because it meant a lot to me that he was there.

We only managed to get a couple family shots after sacrament meeting because it was super windy, hence the crazy hair all around! Later in the day we had family over for dinner, it was great to be able to visit and relax.

We are super lucky! I seriously love not only my family but I feel grateful to be able to live so close to our families as well.

Caitlin is a fantastic baby and we can't get enough of her happy disposition and chubbiness!


Lisa Nelson said...

She is so beautiful Tiffany! Love your little family.

Alexis said...

The dress is beautiful, I love the picture of her smiling. She does look like a princess. What a special day. You all look great!