Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

We have come a long way since November when I discussed our potty-training attempts. At that point I was having him sit on Elmo (his potty chair) every 20 minutes which I think was overkill that burnt both of us out.

I am proud to report that Carson has been in "undywares" for a whole week with no accidents! The first official whole day of wearing underwear outside of the comforts of our home was Sunday which meant a three hour block of church...what was I thinking! I was nervous but Carson did great and was accident free and it's a good thing too because we would have left early because I did not bring an extra pair of clothes for him, I guess I was thinking positivly.

He is about to lead us in song and dance.

The rest is pretty much smooth sailing. I would take him every hour and if he needed to go in between he would/does say "potty....hurry, hurry!" and off we run!

Jump around!

One day after he was done doing his 'thang I looked at him and said, "Carson I am so proud of YOU!" without hesitation he pointed his finger at me and said, "No momma, I am proud of YOU!" It really was hilarious and a cute moment for me.

This kid makes me super happy and I love the little boy he is becoming.


Jordanfam4 said...

YEAA!!! You guys did it!!! Its so rewarding when they are outta diapers!!! Congrats!!

Chris and Lisa said...

Yay...that's awesome!!