Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Memories

This year was the first year for us to have Christmas morning at our own home...and I must admit that I enjoyed having "our time" before heading to both of our families.

Andrew sporting his new Aviator's...I finally got him glasses he likes-mission accomplished!

What made this year's Christmas the best so far for me was seeing Carson's reaction to everything Christmas. I only took a few pictures because I was too busy capturing his reaction on video...Christmas is magical and surely is meant for kids. I have mentioned previously Carson's love for all things musical so it was no surprise to us that he took right to the guitar and drums we got him;

wasting no time in seranading us with his sweet voice in "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

At my mom's, as you can see he got a re-gifted Jeep that used to be my brothers, which he loves but desperately needs help steering.

The day after Christmas he woke up asking, "more presents?" Too cute.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas and today we couldn't be happier with a handsome boy and baby girl on the way; celebrating our seven year anniversary...we are getting up there! I am grateful for Andrew and in my opinion he is even more dashing than when I first met him. Gotta love him!

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Chris and Lisa said...

ughhhh....the steering of the jeep...i feel your pain. We got a jeep for Grant before he was three, I think! I realized there was a reason that it said 3 and up on the box. Our poor yard has been trampled by jeep and the battery remains in the house :)!! Good times!