Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Emerald Bowl

For Christmas, Ian got Andrew, Eric, Chris, Bob, and himself tickets to see USC vs. Boston College in the 2009 Emerald Bowl game in San Fransisco for the day after about a prefect gift! Andrew's family are HARD CORE USC fans gathering together each Saturday sporting their gear and cheering for their favorite college team. Even Carson is well equipped with USC jerseys and warm-ups.

Upon their departure I requested at least one picture...Andrew came through with quite a few more than I was expecting, thanks!!

Ian, Chris, Bob, Andrew, and Eric
gathering together before heading on the road, their already pumped!


Check out Ian dancing with the marching band!

The day of the game there was a chance of rain so along with rain jackets they also brought along a tarp for their legs or by the looks of it their rear ends, talk about being prepared! Oh, did I mention that their tickets were for the 2nd row right beding the players-I think these guys were in literally in heaven!

While I am sure that they enjoyed the game, without a doubt the best part for them would have to have been meeting some of the players who stayed after the game.

The boys with Allen Bradford who I think is USC's linebacker.

After the game they hit up a local "dive." After this game I think they might be making plans to go to a few more!

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Leslie said...

I'm a little jealous...having grown up in a die hard USC loving family! That must have been so fun!