Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Brighton, Day 2 part one

The morning started out with breast-fast, we made chocolate-chip banana pancakes. Andrew, surprise, surprise was always the last one up so the guys made him two ginormous pancakes with the leftover batter that ended up looking like breasts, chocolate nipple included. Andrew five second before the above picture was taken had chocolate all over his he just looks like he has no upper lip!

Half the group (the one with older kids) went on a day trip to Roaring Camp a historic Railroad. We were trying to make the 11:00am train and got there at 10:56am...we didn't make it so we killed 1.5 hours checking out the place.

He was shouting, "here duckie"

I was a little disappointed because I had heard that they had a petting zoo, gold panning and other activities for kids but those are available weekends only-totally lame! To kill time we played on bails of hay for an hour!

Trivia question, see those picnic benches in the background well have you ever seen a place that charge $25 to sit at a picnic bench? I would recommend this place if you went on the weekend to get the most of your money.

Watching the train come in

We got to take a tour on a steam engine, apparently one of two in the U.S. her name was Dixianna.

It was nice to be surrounded by nature and to learn fun facts about grandmother and sister trees. We went on an steep incline on the way up and saw leaning trees, a burnt down bridge and a hard-core biker who said, "meet you up top!"

This was the "picture of the day" according to the radio announcer on the train, check out that steam!

Thanks for the ride!


Liz and Scott said...

I didn't realize the train was open to the air like that. I just assumed it would be a covered train. I know it didn't live up to all the hype, but it still looks fun. I'm sure William will enjoy it in a year.

Alexis said...

Too much fun! I've always wanted to ride a train! Great pictures!