Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Part two, The Boardwalk

That night we headed for The Boardwalk. Everything was .75 cents, rides, hot dogs, drinks, churros and cotton candy, it was awesome!
There's just something about the beach that I love...the colors in pictures are always so vivid!

It was so fun to be there with good friends!

Checking the place out

First rides

Carson begged to go on the airplane ride but at first we didn't think that it had seat belts so we had him try to whale ride first. When he did ride on the airplane he and his co-pilot didn't know how to move the airplane up and down so they flew low.

The second ride his co-pilot was a little older and got the plane to ride high. As you can tell he wasn't looking at the camera so she helped him by holding his face, a little aggressive but thanks!

Two was the magic number because he rode all three rides twice. The first time we went on the Merry-go Round the operators took forever to get going so he got a little scared and wanted me to stand next to him so that he could cling to my neck...I got a good leg workout going up and down for the entire ride.

Boardwalk, thanks for the memories, thediscount prices, the food, and for not letting any of the rides break on us because we really appreciated leaving safely. Now if you could only work on the parking outside the park, that would be great.

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April said...

Looks so fun! I love that place. Cute pictures! How are you feeling? By the way, I love your background.