Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How couldn't you love him?

These pictures have almost nothing to do with the post but this is Carson first thing in the morning, bright and bushy tailed, now if only he wouldn't eat like a bird!

Andrew has gone fishing with his Dad in the big sky state of Montana for a whole week! Before he left I had one request, please set up Carson's big boy bed! Carson is such a great son (almost always) and I think he is ready...or maybe I am just ready for him to be in a big boy bed so we are in transition stage.

When I was getting ready to wash Carson's sheets for the first time prior to making his bed he got so excited when he saw then. He ran over to where I was and pulled the sheets out of my hands and laid them onto the hallway floor. He then proceeded to lay down on them...for awhile...weird but kind of cute! So far so good I thought.

I really want him in his bed before summer is over but it we'll see. You see he is not only getting a new bed but a new room-not my idea but whatever.

The wrought iron bed itself was hand-made by Andrew's Uncle Richard, what talent-I LOVE it! I spy Carson's head...

Anyways, I got the crazy idea that I could have him "bed-trained" during the week Andrew was gone. Fortunatley, we had a trial run before he left on his trip and I stupendously underestimated how much that boy moves in his sleep.

First time in his bed...and little slugger too. Andrew and I were so excited we took a few pictures and just watched him sleep like we did right after he was born and then we realized that we were being total nerds and let him sleep without a flash.

Love the tan lines.

He fell off the bed the first time at him back into bed. 5am rolls around and I hear him crying through the monitor so I sprint-literally into his room. I can hear him, but I can't see him ANYWHERE. Granted it was dark, but still he was nowhere to be found. I checked both sides of the bed and then I realize that he not only had fallen off the bed but had also rolled under it! Let's just say he hasn't slept in his bed since and I have slept better knowing that he is caged that bad?!

Experienced parents out there, any tips for the amatuers?


Leslie said...

He is too cute - and soo blonde!
I would try turning the bed to have one side against the wall and you'll for sure need bedrails. They are inevitable for 99% of kids in transition from the crib. If you come down next week I have a white one you can borrow. Otherwise they are pretty cheap at Target. I am very impressed by the gorgeous bed!

The McKiernan's said...

I was just going to write the exact same thing as Leslie!!! Bedrails work great and he is definitely old enough to be in a big boy bed if you want him to be :)

Chris and Lisa said...

I kept Loren in her crib for a long time because she LOVED it. I was worried about transitioning her because she loved her crib corner. When she was potty-trained, I decided the crib was probably no longer appropriate, haha!!! I do miss the containment of a crib though.

I have always used bed rails. Grant still has them on his bed and Loren has one on the open side of her daybed. I would get one til he gets used to it. I know they don't necessarily look pretty but they serve a purpose.

BTW...that bed is beautiful!!! What a lucky boy Carson is!

Tiffani said...

Les, I'm thinking this Friday or Monday? I'll call you.

Kristin Jones said...

We put Alexis in the bed right before she turned 2 and I swear it was harder than potty training!! We do have her bed against one wall so she never fell out. It took about a good two weeks before we were golden...just keep at it! Bribes worked, a toy that "came with the bed"? The bed looks awesome!!
Good luck!

KG said...

Follow the advice of these other moms. Against the wall with a bedrail of some sort. Taylor made one to match the bed our son has, so if you are lucky maybe you can find one that kind of goes with the theme. As for keeping him in there, if you end up having issues with it, I did the whole don't talk to him, don't look at him, don't interact in any way whatsoever, just put him back in bed as many times as it takes. Three days of doing that and my son does not get out of bed unless we come get him. Worked like a charm. Good luck! How exciting for our little boys to be growing up!

Liz and Scott said...

I'm not here to give advise because everyone else seems to have the right answers.
Poor Carson getting stuck under his bed, that'd be scary for anyone to wake up the way he did.


awww, poor little guy. Hopefully a bed rail or two will help. He is such a handsome little man!

Nikki said...

Oh big kid beds. When I transitioned Taylen into her bed, I just had the mattress on the floor. haha. That way if she fell off, she didn't have too far to go!