Monday, July 6, 2009

Summit Lake

We (Andrew and I) are in charge of the family hike for our reunion that takes place in a little over a week. We have been wanting to take a practice hike so that we would know what to expect and if the hike would be too hard for people of all ages. So on the 4th we decided to head up to Tahoe for a quick hike. The hikers: Andrew, me, Carson, Steph, and Connor.

She's a trooper!

I planned on one hike but it turned out we didn't have time to drive to that location so Andrew remembered hearing about Summit Lake so we went for it.

First of all, we should have keyed into the name Summit because the first part of the hike was rocky and all up hill. The trail itself was wide enough for a car so at least it was capable of holding our large group.

Andrew was carrying Carson and Carson ended up falling asleep, which was great because he hadn't yet taken a nap but not so good for Andrew's neck!

About half way up we stopped at this grove of flowers for a photo op and to check out the view and admire how far we had climbed.

on we went, up, up, up.

On we went. For awhile we started to doubt that if there was even a lake but when we saw it, it was beautiful and untouched.

Love their closeness.

We refueled and Carson found sticks to throw into the water. We attempted a group picture, thanks to self timers and a big rock! My flas worked half of the time, so sorry about the color differences in the pictures.

On the way down, we saw some people camping and they asked us "where did you come from?". Our reply was "our car." After looking around they asked "where's your car?" We then explained that we had hiked up. They started laughing and said that we were brave! ON the way down we encountered three more trucks that were four wheel driving it up...why hadn't we thought of that?!

When we could see the finish line we let Carson down to get out some wiggles. When we were done Andrew said that his legs felt like jello...probably because he was 25lbs. heavier than normal-it's a good thing Carson's a lightweight. Due to our hike, we went to bed early and didn't watch the fireworks-you can call us the party poopers!


Kenzie said...

What a fun hike! I love the pictures! Tyler and I need to get a back pack for Brooklyn so we can go on some hikes!

Teneil said...

Wow, looks like a fun hike you guys did, and that lake looks so blue...I think I would jump right in. Tahoe is the best!

Liz and Scott said...

Wow - that's beautiful! How fun.