Sunday, July 12, 2009

The days are long, but the years are short

As you get older (ahem, I am not calling myself old I am just saying) the years fly by in the blink of an eye. Andrew has been gone for 6 days now. Not that long but long enough for me. Yesterday was a hard day and I am starting to get burnt out...for those I know whose husbands are gone much longer, you are amazing!

My frustration and exasperated patience got me thinking about how much I love being a mom. Sure the days are long, almost every minute is focused on someone else and the to-do list is never ending but there is really nothing else I would rather be doing because with the exhaustion comes joy and with the trails and mistakes of raising children there are invaluable lessons are learned.

For me and probably every other mom out there sometimes the days just seems to drag but they are over before you know it. I am grateful to have spend two years with Carson watching him grow, learn and explore the big world around him and I look forward to many more "short" years.

Here's to another day in paradise!

The last little while Carson seems to have a shoe fetish and will try on any shoe he finds and walk around. One particular day his choice of shoe was the red ladybug.

You see he has these rather manly rain boots that are too big for him and they don't fit into his shoe holder in his closet so they are on his closet floor-easy access I guess. He loved roaming the house with a swagger in his step all the while saying, "my boots, boots, my boots" in his itty bitty sweet voice. I thought it was cute enough to share...but when do I not?!


The McKiernan's said...

Trevor has a shoe fetish too!! I thought maybe he was the only one. He wears any shoes, his or Riley's, all day long!

kirsten and josh said...

oh he is darling. so lucky to have you as his mom. you are so great! miss you

Chris and Lisa said...

Thanks for this little reminder. Sometimes I get so caught up in my "to do" lists instead of taking time for my kiddos. They are only small once and it goes incredibly quick, i am finding out!!!

Liz and Scott said...

Thank goodness for our little ones, even when it is tough - but then again, thank goodness for our husbands who come home and give us a break so we can regain our sanity.

Sarah said...

Thanks for that perspective--so easy to forget and I needed to hear it today!

Megan said...

Carson is such a sweet little guy! That is too cute that he likes Emma...we will have to get them together again sometime to play!