Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Loving the Weather!

Although it is fall here in California we are experiencing beautiful sunny days. It is warm enough for shorts people! The other day, Carson and I were at the park and a family that had obviously moved from somewhere cold was explaining to her confused daughter that "it is winter here and that it wouldn't be snowing." Her daughter was puzzled and rightfully so because I am also wondering when it will feel like fall, not that I complaining, I love this weather!!

I came home from school today to find my hard working husband enjoying some time outside doing some yard work with a little helper. While I was pulling weeds, out of the corner of Andrew's eye he saw a grasshopper.

He lifted Carson up to show him and Carson said, "hello" to the grasshopper and then tried to grab it. It was too cute.

(sorry about the up close disheveled hair self portrait)
School update: Only three weeks and one exam left! I am hanging in there and almost 1/4 of the way done-yeah!


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

The Lamb Family said...

Tiffani, 1/4 way done- I'm rooting for you, good luck!

By the way, the person that commented on your blog ("trying to stay calm), do you know this person? The person commented on my blog too, but I have no idea who it is...

The Morgans said...

NO clue! Sometimes I won't know who it is and there will be a picture but I thought it was a little weird because there was no picture...blog stalker or potential friend??!