Sunday, November 16, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

Saturday mornings aren't like all the rest. We keep our pj's on longer than usual and instead of rushing out the door, we get to stay at home. This past Saturday started out like most days of the week because we all have to eat. With Andrew still in bed, Carson and I started out the morning by making his favorite, oatmeal with applesauce when he spied with his little eyes- COOKIES!

Now, these particular cookies were not eaten because they were hard as rocks and kind of old, not my best batch. He grabs one of the rocks. Apparently, they were good enough for him. After grabbing one, he looks at me. I look at him back. My face was obviously neither approving or disapproving because he grabbed another cookie--don't you know that you have to have one for each hand?

By the look on his face he was happy to have two cookies but still not sure of he was going to get away with having cookies for breakfast. After thinking about it for a second, my first instinct was to take the cookies away causing a meltdown so early in the morning and make him eat his "regular and quite boring breakfast" or I could make him eat his breakfast and his cookie. Even to me the second option sounded much better, for him and me, so cookies for breakfast is exactly what we did.

Speaking of cookies, I have been trying to work out every day before the sun rises because if I don't do it at the crack of dawn I am a) too busy with everything else and b) it won't happen so sleep gets sacrificed. As a result, I leave my equipment out to save time in the morning. Which until Saturday had been fine because all Carson played with was the ball.

Well, this Saturday morning cookies must have given him super power strength because following breakfast, he decided to try lifting my weights. Well, 5 lbs to a kids that weighs only 21 lbs is pretty heavy. Consequently, the weights tumbled to the floor and cracked the least they didn't crack his feet. They say you are what you eat and although the cookie was like a rock it didn't give him super power strength. The plan; feed him more spinach before we let him weight train to avoid further household damages....and put the weights away after using them.



He's a good lookin' little boy! Must be your cookies, when can I get the recipe? Or is it not what's IN the cookie but WHEN you eat the cookie?

How's school? How long is this going to take you?

Alexis said...

Cookies for breakfast sounds good to me. I love your saturday mornings, its nice to take a day to be lazy. I hope the floor is fixable.

miss H Wiest said...

WOW Tiffani! Good job at working out... IN THE MORNING! That always kicks my butt... oh, so I don't do it-funny! You are such a cute mom and can do everything- keep up the good school work. I love your posts!