Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Fun

This past weekend, with the upcoming holiday my school work load was lighter than usual so I got to have fun, spending quality time with family and friends instead of burying my nose in books all weekend.
Saturday morning we went to the Railroad Museum in Sacramento. Carson loved it! However, the ideal age would be for kids a little older than him.
He was fascinated by all of the trains and ran around the place checking everything out saying, "choo-choo" non-stop. It was pretty cute. This "railroad" was pretty cool with five trains running at a time.
That evening, we had a circles dinner group. We all used to be in Roseville 9th ward and except for the Mortimer's, the rest of us have moved. Us circles used to get together once a month but over the summer the Ashby's moved and we kind of fell apart. I have loved watching the families grow--the adults are almost outnumbered! We love especially love our newest addition, little Will.

Scott, Liz and William (just 3 weeks old-doesn't Liz look great!)

All of us minus Scott, playing a game and enjoying each others company. Thanks for driving down to see us Ashby's!

Josh, Catherine, (a new brunette) and Jaxon.

We are blessed to have such great friends! Looking forward to next time.


Alexis said...

Bryson would go CRAZY at the train museum. He loves trains too, and cars. Isn't it the funnest thing to watch your kid get so excited, and their eyes light up. Priceless. I'm glad that you got a break. We miss dinner and game night.

Jen said...

So I totally tagged you on my blog for the whole eight things!!!! Let's just count it even since you must have been a mind reader =). You guys look FaBuLoUs as always!!!

The Lamb Family said...

I'm glad you guys had fun! Man, we miss you guys!