Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This morning, I went in to get Carson to find him looking like this

Red pen looks sooo good on you, it is just your color.

When I laid him down last night he didn't make a peep, not even a whimper and during the night, or most likely, right after we laid him down, he drew all over his face and neck with a very sharp, non-washable pen. By the look on his face, he didn't know what had happened.

Besides sneaking pens into bed with him, he has been into more mischief. Last night, we finally celebrated Andrew's birthday (yes I am the worst wife ever...eight days late), but I did make it happen. A celebration is better late than never-right?! Anyways, we went out to eat and after we got our leftovers boxed we were getting ready to leave and just socializing-imagine that! During dinner, Carson was such a big boy by sitting in a booster seat (when he wasn't throwing his books, toys, wipes and food onto the floor and somehow managing to get ketchup on my coat, shoulder and chest). While patiently waiting to go home (to go to bed and almost poke out both of his eye) Carson bite into the leftover box, not just once but five times!

See the damage? I am going to start calling him a rodent instead of our love bug if he isn't careful.

Carson keeps us on our toes but we love him and wouldn't trade him for anything.


The Goulding Family said...

sorry you can't make it to bunco Tiffani.....got ya covered though:)

Alexis said...

Just when you feel like you are being a great parent and your kid is sleeping good you find out later that they were really just getting into trouble. I've had a lot of these moments. But the eating the leftover box is a great one!

Jen said...

That is too funny!!!! =)

The Elmers said...

awwwww! I love those pics, how could ya get mad at a face like that?! Oh, and your rodent is nothin' on the gazillion we have....MICE!!!! I am dying over here!! Wanna trade!???

kalisarah88 said...

I love how you keep a good sense of humor in situations that could potentially drive a mother insane. Aren't little boys so much fun? Landon's not even 7 months, and he wants to get into everything, so I can only imagine how busy Carson keeps you! Love you guys!!