Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Someone's One!

Happy Birthday Carson!

Ever since we laid eyes on you, we have been filled with awe and love. We have enjoyed seeing you grow and experience the world around you.

Hopefully every year doesn't go by as quickly as this one seemed to.

To our boy, that's not quite so little anymore, we love you.

Some things that he likes to do include:

watching Sesame Street

helping me clean

water "sports"
(I promise he doesn't normally hang out in his diaper but he was having so much fun so I took his clothes off and let him have at it!)

exploring the great outdoors

drummer boy, rocking out with Dad...but seriously if he isn't able to play he totally freaks out.
Another thing that he does is when he hears music he will either start tapping something or he rocks his body to the beat, it is pretty cute.

He is still working on his balance but that doesn't stop him from getting into everything.


Anonymous said...

Happy 1st birthday Carson!!! You look so grown up in the newly posted pictures. Have a great day!

Kenzie said...

Happy birthday Carson! You are such a cute little boy!

Alexis said...

Happy Birthday Carson! Those are some really cute pictures, I love the one of his feet, what a great idea. The first year really goes by fast.

Jordanfam4 said...

Happy Birhday Carson!! Wow how big you've gotten!! Tiff the pictures of him are so good!

Sara and Ry-baby said...

How exciting! Happy Birthday Carson!!

Chris and Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Carson!! What a cutie - love the pictures! They grow up way too fast!!

Ashby Family said...

Happy Birthday Little Dude!

The Elmers said...

Happy Birthday Carson!!! He is sooooo handsome!! I Love that first pic of him sooo cute!!!

Julia Kelly said...

aww..he's so cute! happy birthday carson!

April said...

Happy Birthday to such a cutie! I can't believe how fast that year went. He really is such a handsome little man! :)

Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

Happy birthday boy. May you learn to roll the dice like your mamma. See you soon Tiffani!

Tyler said...

Tiffani where are you? I've been waiting for any kind of update on how Carson's birthday went! Brooklyn and I have been waiting patiently. Haha, hope to hear from you soon on the blog.